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By Susan Ireland

Susan Ireland has made these sample resumes available to help you see how you might prepare your resume. Each sample has an article explaining the fictional job seeker's problem, resolved by the resume.

Sample Resumes:

The challenges faced by these job seekers is explained in the article that accompanies the resume, and should help understanding of the particular challenges each job seeker faced.

Each sample resume illustrates how to resolve several issues that the job seeker had.

Read the explanation of the situation the resume is addressing before you look at the resume.

Typical Resume - No Special Circumstances

Average Joe Job Seeker: This "regular guy" has been working for several years and is looking for a non-management job in his current field. Learn more about how he stands out without changing who he is. The resume: "Average Joe" Resume.

Special Situation: Entering or Re-entering the Job Market

  • A Mom Returning to Work: This job seeker faced two big challenges - handling the employment gap when she was home taking care of her family and also changing the direction of her career when she returned to the workforce. Learn more about how she managed each challenge. The resume: Mom Returning to Work.
  • College Student: Graduating next May, this student is getting a jump start on her post-graduation job search. Read how she combined her experience, both on the job and off, to impress potential employers.  The resume: College Student Resume.
  • New Grad: This new accounting grad wants to follow up on experience she gained during an internship. Read the issues this job seeker faced and how she handled education. The resume: New Grad Resume.

Special Situation: Unemployed Job Seekers

Other Special Situations:

About the author...

Susan Ireland is the author of four job search books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume. For more information about writing your resume, read Susan's books or visit Susan's website

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