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Ed Han, LinkedIn for Job Search Expert Contributor

Ed Han is a recruiter and wordsmith with a passion for networking and helping professionals return to the workforce. As a veteran of several industries, including publishing, financial services, and fashion, Ed has a keen understanding of and appreciation for the skills and traits valued in a wide range of environments, from Wall Street to fashion to publishing.

Although he came to recruiting only in the past several years, Ed is active in the community where he helps facilitate the job search group NJ JobSeekers in Princeton NJ and has previously served as the Executive Chair of the PSG of Mercer County and as the online community manager for the HR networking group Whine & Dine.

Ed is a recruiter for GROM Associates, an IT consulting firm in Flemington, NJ. He finds the diversity of his prior work experience a boon in connecting with candidates and understanding the needs of clients.

The holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Albright College (Reading, PA) awarded in 1993, Ed is an avid social media fiend. Follow him on social media --


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  • Managing Your LinkedIn Settings for a Stealth Job Search
    One of the nice things about social media is it can't be beat for letting people know what you are doing. But, being in broadcast mode isn't always desirable -- sometimes discretion is the better part of valor and of job search. Being in "stealth mode" can be a very good idea if you are currently employed and want to protect your income stream.
  • How to Leverage LinkedIn Status Updates for Your Job Search
    With over 2.1 billion users as of mid-2017, Facebook is the undisputed 800 pound gorilla in social media. Of the four sites typically considered major social media sites, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are vying for second place behind the giant. It is only natural that each are taking cues from Facebook as they seek to continue growing the expansion of their user bases.
  • Be a STAR in Your Next Interview
    Succeed in your interviews by using the STAR method -- Situation, Task, Action, Result -- to describe your accomplishments and impress the interviewers.

How LinkedIn Helps Your Job Search

  • 7 Elements of an Effective LinkedIn Profile
    The world's biggest professional networking site merits deliberation and thoughtfulness in order to achieve optimal results. LinkedIn deserves a strategic view.
  • Leverage LinkedIn Status Updates for Your Job Search
    Facebook is the undisputed 800 pound gorilla in social media. With over 1.5 billion users as of the end of 2015, it is so ubiquitous that several television commercials, including one long-running campaign, feature it prominently.
  • Why LinkedIn Is NOT Optional for New Grads
    Congratulations on completing your education! Now, those who've been in the workforce for a while can make use of their networks -- but you don't have much of one … yet. That's where LinkedIn enters the picture.
  • How to Handle a Chemotherapy "Employment Gap" in Your LinkedIn Profile
    Not every chemotherapy patient misses work for an extensive period, but many do. For them, managing chemotherapy may make doing their job more difficult or impossible for a while. The result may be a gap in employment that is visible on their LinkedIn Profile.

Setting Up an Effective LinkedIn Presence

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