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Phyllis Mufson, Boomer and Over 50 Job Search Expert

Phyllis Mufson is a member of the Baby Boomer Generation, a career/business consultant, and a certified life coach with over 25 years of experience.

Phyllis is trained and certified as a coach through the Coach Training Institute and  has completed additional training in Co-Active Leadership and Somatic Coaching. Phyllis' work in the career field began with delivering outplacement workshops for Right Associates, and she has also served as Director of the Locks Career Center at Moore College of Art and Design.


Before beginning her career as a life coach and consultant, Phyllis was a textile artist whose work sold nationally to individuals and corporate collectors. She was a founder of the San Francisco School and Gallery of Textile Arts, and the winner of a National Endowment for the Arts grant.

As a personal coach, Phyllis has helped hundreds of clients build a bridge between their wildest dreams and their current situation, keeping them focused on their goals and helping them persist and not settle for second best.

As a career consultant, Phyllis has helped clients with job search skills and strategies, business marketing plans, negotiations, and other practical concerns needed to bring goals to fruition.

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Phyllis is also a jeweler and works with her husband to help support “Charity Orphanage” in Liberia through jewelry sales, Personal Treasures and Mufi Jewels

Articles by Phyllis Mufson

Guide to Job Search for Boomers & Those Over 50

  • LinkedIn Profile Photos for Job Seekers Boomers and Over 50
    Before I explain, step-by-step, how to take the best possible portrait photo for your LinkedIn (and other) profiles, let's be frank. I understand that although you're reading this article, you're reluctant to take a profile photo. You're probably tempted to avoid it.

Guide to Boomer Job Search:

Boomer Job Search Concerns:

  • Laid Off! Now What?
    You've just lost your job. What do you do next? Here are the first steps to take to get grounded while you prepare to hunt for a new position.
  • How to Address the "Overqualified" Concern
    Are you getting passed over for jobs and told it's because you're overqualified? Are you wondering if that's "polite" wording for "too old?" Or, are you one of the Baby Boomers looking to cut back and have a job with less stress and responsibility? Are you concerned because you've heard you won't be considered because you are overqualified?
  • Boomers Looking Younger
    How important it is to look younger in order to compete for jobs? You'll find lots of articles telling you its very important. When you get to middle age and beyond, it's time to find other assets to flaunt.
  • Networking, the Boomer Job Search Advantage
    Networking is an important skill for job search, maybe even the most important. Studies of successful job seekers consistently find that 70% - 90% of candidates (depending on the industry) found their new positions through networking. Regrettably, many Baby Boomers are uncomfortable networking, and avoid this powerful tool.
  • How to Reconnect with your Network
    A leading advantage those over 50 have in networking for job search is the breadth and depth of connections they have developed over time. This article is focused on how you can rebuild your network by reconnecting with friends and colleagues from your youth.
  • Finding Part-Time Jobs with Benefits
    Have you day dreamed about getting a part-time job? Maybe you're looking for income while you train for a new career or start a business. Perhaps, you want a way to cut back on the time and pressure of your current job. Or, you want an income cushion while you are retired.
  • Too Old for Career Adventure?
    Questions to consider: What work would you do if age were not an issue? Would you be considering a career change? Would you be thinking about learning new skills to advance in your current career?
  • Age Discrimination in Job Loss
    This article is part 1 of a 2-part series. This article addresses what to do if you lost a job and you think your age was a factor, plus some of the indicators that you might have a case.
  • Age Discrimination in Hiring
    This article is part 2 of a 2-part series about age discrimination. In this article, we will cover what to do if you were not hired for a job you were qualified for, and you think you were a victim of age discrimination.

Developing Your Personal Success Plan:

  • Personal Retreat, Part 1 of Your Sucess Plan
    Taking an afternoon – or a day – for a thoughtful look at where your personal life and career is now, and how you want to develop them in the future, will help you plan, set goals you can achieve, and feel focused and self-confident as you begin the next phase of your career.
  • Goal Setting, Part 2 of Your Sucess Plan
    Eighty-six percent of people over fifty broke their New Year's resolutions last year vs. sxty-one percent of people in their twenties according to the grim statistics on resolutions from Statistic Brain. Neither statistic is encouraging, but do they also indicate that old dogs can't learn new tricks? That older people can't change?
  • Maintaining Momentum: Part 3 of Your Sucess Plan
    Whether you're going through a job search, changing careers, or working toward any personal or professional goal, at some time in the process you're going to get stuck. You can count on it.

Making Your Best Impression:

  • Effective Resumes for Boomers
    What do you want your resume to say about you? Do you want your resume to give the impression that your outlook is stuck in your Disco Fever years? That you're behind the times with outdated skills and attitudes? Then give your resume an update.
  • How to Shave Time Off Your Job Search, Part 1
    Would you like to cut the length of time until you're back earning a paycheck? The TV program "60 MINUTES" did a moving piece in early 2012 on "Platform to Employment" - a job search program that helps people who've been unemployed for years get back to work. It has elements you can duplicate to make your own search more effective, and shorter.
  • How to Shave Time Off Your Job Search, Part 2
    If you want to get back to work quickly watch this video "Platform to Employment" from "60 MINUTES". Even if you've seen it before, it's worth a second look. Joe Carbone's program is designed for the long-term unemployed; but the steps indicated will be beneficial for your job search, no matter how long you've been out of work.
  • Beating 3 Boomer Stereotypes
    Many job seekers over 50 I speak with assume that their age is a barrier to finding a job. They feel that employers look on older workers negatively. The reality is more complex.
  • Beating Boomer Bias 1: Being Visibly Up-to-Date
    I hate to start with the bad news, but, if you are a over 50, many employers will assume you are not technically up-to-date. You can combat this negative perception that you are behind the times by following the step-by-step plan outlined in this two-part article.
  • Beating Boomer Bias 2: Learning New Skills
    Many Boomers feel overwhelmed at the thought of looking for a job because of all they've heard and read about employers' bias against older workers. While it's true that many employers hesitate to hire older workers, their concerns focus in specific areas.

Boomer Career Pioneers:

  • Boomer Career Pioneer: Retiring to a Life-Long Dream
    A heart attack "wake-up call" convinced Alan Zawacki to retire from his work in corporate America and academia and reinvent himself as an author and professional artist. His story is an inspiring tale with useful tips for anyone who dreams of "doing what you love" regardless of the job or career. In his own words, Alan shares his story.
  • Boomer Career Pioneer: MBA at 55
    I'd like you to meet Lauralee Barbaria, one of the most inspiring people I know. In her fifties, Lauralee took the risk to reinvent herself and change careers, and she has just landed the job of her dreams.
  • Boomer Career Pioneer: Changing to a Non-Profit Career at 54
    Here is Mark Noonan's story. Following a family tragedy, Mark reexamined his life and decided to leave his fast-paced corporate career and found new meaning as a volunteer manager for Elders in Action, a nonprofit organization tackling important issues for older Americans. Mark and I recently discussed his transition

Boomer Career Change:

  • Considering a Non-Profit Career
    Are you like many Boomers - wanting work with meaning that connects with your values, and a way to give back while earning a paycheck? If so, then consider making the leap into a non-profit career.

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Guide to Job Search for Boomers & Those Over 50:

Over 50 / Boomer Job Search Concerns:


Over 50 / Boomer Career Change:

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