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In 2020, a successful job search is much more complicated than having a good resume! Helping job seekers since 1993,'s genuine experts share solid advice to help you have a shorter job search.

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  • 5 Steps to Successful Job Search During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Hot Resume Trends for 2020: What the Experts Say The impact of the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) pandemic has been astonishing -- not the best of times and definitely not the worst (although it feels that way). Sitting around and waiting for a job to land in your lap – or for the economy to rebound – is not an option. No one knows how long this will last.

    To find your next opportunity in this environment, you need to create more opportunities by first focusing on the process and then thinking outside the box. Job Search Expert Stacey Hawley shares 5 great tips in this article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Coronavirus Pandemic Job Search Recovery.

  • Guide to Layoffs and Layoff Recovery

    Guide to Layoffs and Layoff Recovery Over 3 million Americans (so far) have registered for unemployment compensation as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. Unfortunately, layoffs are common even without a pandemic.

    Preparing to be laid off, going through the process, and recovering from a layoff can be very painful and complicated. In this article, Job-Hunt's Editor Susan P. Joyce, who has been laid off twice in her career, describes how to prepare, manage, and recover from this experience in this Guide to Layoffs and Layoff Recovery.

  • Busted: Job Search Myths Hurting Your Career Change

    Busted: Job Search Myths Hurting Your Career ChangeJob search for career changers can be tough, but most of us have made several changes over the course of our careers. So, while often not easy, making a career change is definitely do-able. The result of the job search is a new job moving the job seeker forward to that new career.

    In this article, Career Change Expert Virginia Franco shares 3 common myths that may intimidate many career changers, and shows how and why the myths can be overcome for a successful job search on the way to a successful career change. This article is newest in Job-Hunt's Guide to Career Change.

  • Hot Job Interview Trends for 2020: What the Experts Say

    Hot Job Interview Trends for 2020: What the Experts SayWhile the hiring process might be painfully slow, you still must shine in the interview. A job interview does not only consist of the meeting between interviewers and you. There is a before, middle, and end. Make sure you have all the bases covered.

    In this article, Job Search Expert Bob McIntosh shares the advice he gathered from 5 job interview experts on how to be successful in your job interviews in 2020 and beyond. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Job Interviews.

  • Increase Your Work-From-Home Efficiency: 9 Handy Tools for Remote Workers

    9 Handy Tools for the Modern Remote Worker While working from home is becoming increasingly popular, working outside of an office may be very challenging. This increase in remote work requires the right tools to meet -- or to exceed -- productivity and connectivity expectations.

    These tools are essential, not just a luxury, to bring value to your work and the virtual workplace. Work From Home Contributor Mark Anthony Dyson shares 9 essential tools that enable you to work from home successfully and effectively in this new article from Job-Hunt's Guide to Work From Home / Remote Jobs.

  • Catch Recruiter Attention: 5 Critical LinkedIn Profile Elements Recruiters Want


    Recruiters sift through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles in a typical week. So, they do not have time to read each profile carefully. They spend only a couple of seconds deciding whether to contact you or to click "back" and view the next person on their list.

    In this article, Job Search Expert (and former recruiter) Biron Clark shares the 5 key elements of your LinkedIn Profile the typical recruiter reads in a quick scan, and how to grab their attention. This article is from Job-Hunt's LinkedIn Job Search Guide.

  • Personal Brand: Today's Success Requirement

    Today's Boomer Success Requirement: Your Personal Brand Your personal brand is your reputation. Today, you cannot avoid having a personal brand -- even if you do not want one. Genuine personal branding is not telling people how terrific you are, but showing them through your expertise and generosity.

    To succeed, communicate a clear, consistent, and coherent personal brand. In this article by Boomer Personal Branding Expert Wendy Marx, learn how to find and define your personal brand. This article is part of Job-Hunt's Guide Job Search for Those Over 50.

  • 3 Disastrous Job Offer Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

    Winning the Interview with a Younger Hiring Manager Most people think the biggest negotiating mistake they make is NOT negotiating. But, that simply is not true. Yes, potentially leaving money on the table might be a "big mistake," but it is not the worst mistake you could make.

    Job-Hunt's Salary and Compensation Expert Stacey Hawley shares 3 big mistakes you could be making. Consistently, these are 3 clear tactics that result in poor outcomes for you: no additional adjustments to the offer, a delayed offer because the company decides to keep interviewing, or (yikes!) a rescinded offer. This article is from Job-Hunt's Guide to Salary and Compensation.

  • 6 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout

    6 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout While standing out in LinkedIn is not easy with 675 million other members, you do have some excellent opportunities to set yourself apart (that most job seekers do not know about and do not leverage).

    As a former recruiter and one of ten LinkedIn "Top Voices for Job Search and Careers," Job Search Expert Biron Clark knows some great secret ways to gain recruiter attention with your LinkedIn profile. This article is part of Job-Hunt's LinkedIn Job Search Guide.

  • How to Get Your Instagram Profile Ready for Your Job Search

    How to Get Your Instagram Profile Ready for Your Job Search Already active on Instagram? Consider using it for your job search, too. According to Pew Research, Facebook is the most widely used social network. But, Instagram is second (LinkedIn is fourth). So, employers are using it, too.

    To add Instagram to your social media job search weapons, apply these tips from Social Media Job Search Expert Hannah Morgan, one of ten LinkedIn "Top Voices for Job Search and Careers," to help you put your best foot forward on Instagram, from Job-Hunt's Guide to Social Media and Job Search.


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